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Friday 3rd September

Dear Friends of Greenside 

It is wonderful to welcome you all to our Greenside website at the start of a new exciting academic year.

We hope you will find lots of interesting information across our pages that give you a flavour of life at Greenside.

We are so proud of our students and staff and we’re looking forward to a year of learning, academic challenge and one in which we also make a difference to the world and make it a better place. 

Next week we will be appointing our new Executive Head Girl & Boy Y6 Team and then our Student Leaders from across our cohorts – all of who will be looking to ‘live their best life’ and lead some super cool projects, support all of our students academically and to have lots of fun along the way!

We are beginning our Greenside Year of Going Places – Journeys! 

Please check out our website STAR Day plans to see the films and wonderful Learning Experiences we have planned for the next half term. We have a focus of significant journeys that our films portray – some real and some metaphorical. Today we have viewed a selection of film trailers all telling wonderful, diverse stories of real and metaphorical journeys – what a great place to start! We have also been making messages for our new friends in Italy – one of our key Italian schools working with Good Chance and The Walk – who are keen to get to know us at Greenside and share wonderful stories – who knows we may get to visit them in person if we really get to go places! We will also be choreographing, making tutorials and teaching the world our super amazing Greenside dance steps and moves to our Dance to Welcome Little Amal.

This will culminate in a Dance across the world on Friday 22nd October celebrating Little Amal’s arrival in London.

We have some super cool Film Crew and Specialism projects planned for this year – all designed to challenge our young people and to develop those all important World Ready skills. We can’t wait to share our charity plans, our Community ideas and the next stage of our Arts Plan – we have so much to look forward to this year. We’ll be dancing lots and developing our spoken word through poetry, performance and using our Radio Station. 

As the Government reinstates all the levels of tests & assessments for Primary aged students (including a new system for Reception students in their 1st six weeks of statutory education!) we’ll be matching our World Ready & Test Ready vision. We’ll be working so hard to challenge our students in their Reading, Writing, Maths & STEAM and ….. looking at validation through Apple School Status and a brand new venture ‘World Class Status’. It’s also that time when we will be publishing our next Artsmark statement of intent. 

And, of course, …… we’ll be planning our 2021-2022 performances and productions too – go Greenside!

Our Teachers are so excited to meet their new classes and we were especially thrilled to welcome our new Nursery and Reception families as well as a couple of young people and their parents/ carers who have joined our Y1 – Y6 classes. Welcome to Greenside!

If you are a Prospective Family (with a Nursery or Reception student looking for a September 2022 place) please check our Calendar for dates and times of our on-site visits in September and October. We very much look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to our curriculum, students and staff – we think you’ll like it!

If you have a daughter/ son in Y1-Y6 and would like to talk about possible spaces please contact me directly and I will get back to you asap:

Do take a look at our written newsletters, Instagram: @greensideprimaryschool and our regular podcasts – we hope you will be inspired by our students and enjoy learning about Greenside. Link to our podcasts!

If you have any additional questions or would like to find out more about any aspect of life at Greenside we hope you will contact us.

With best wishes


Karen Bastick-Styles – Executive Head