Welcome to Greenside



The Year of Magic, Mystery & Miracles!

Welcome 2023 and welcome to Greenside


17th April 2023

Dear Families & Friends of Greenside and Visitors

A big ‘welcome’ to the beautiful summer term 2023 at Greenside – we have 13 weeks left of The Year of Magic, Mystery & Miracles’! We are all looking forward to wonderful term together before many of us begin new adventures.

We have so much to be proud of at Greenside and so many super Learning Experiences ahead. 

We believe in Experiential Learning; Breaking Boundaries and we live by the mantra Learning is Everything & Everything is Learning’ – it’s part of what makes Greenside so special, and it means we have lots of fun!

Our term will begin with a Film Immersion Day to celebrate the Miracles in Movies – Fathers & Sons we will explore key scenes and ideas from Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (Donny Osmond film version) alongside the Electricity dance sequence in Billy Elliot. 

From there our exciting big questions will turn to films including: The Kid, Koyaanisqatsi, Jemima & Johnny, The Bee Movie, Queen of Katwe, Summer of Soul, Mary Poppins, and Harry Potter.

And so, to the Summer Term … do look out for the following events:

  • A Poetry Slam – where we will be performing and definitely ‘living our best lives!’
  • A Big Cake sale to showcase our student and staff baking skills and a feast to raise money for Good Chance – a truly delicious prospect!
  • We’ll be commemorating Shakespeare’s Birthday and launching a student leader Sponsored Read – we love everything from the Bard and reading for pleasure at Greenside!
  • Our annual Sports Day is in the calendar – with those ‘special’ parent/ carer races – time to get in shape Greenside families!
  • Our Film Crews will be STEAM based and Arts Festival inspired (think Glastonbury without the rain & mud!)
  • We have ducklings coming to Greenside – they will arrive as eggs and then we will have the joy of watching them arrive in our EYFS space. Nursery & Reception will also be inviting families to their annual Ugly Bug Ball – we can’t wait!

We will also be making a new ArtsMark application – we have lots of wonderful Arts related learning at Greenside, so we look forward to sharing this with the Arts Council – go Greenside!

Our Y6 students have just 1 term left with us, and we intend to enjoy every moment.

Their National SAT Tests will be on Tuesday 9th May to Friday 12th May and we are confident they will be ‘test ready’ that week – good luck Y6!

If you are a new Nursery or Reception family reading our website – we offer you a special ‘welcome’ today. We are now making offers to new Nursery students for September 2023.

The Local Authority will be making offers on our behalf now too. As this information comes through to us, we will be in touch with you all over the next couple of weeks.

We are, currently, full in our Greenside classes except for Y5 – if you or a friend or colleague require a Y5 place please do get in touch with me directly:

We are super proud of our student attendance at Greenside; we make sure that no time is lost with learning during our days and so it is important that students are with us every day. Please see our policy on our website for further details.

We know it will be a super term for our garden and kitchen; George Webber & the kitchen team are excited about the summer menu options so watch this space for new recipes that will be on our lunch menu alongside those student favourites.

We hope to ‘open’ the Greenside Cottage in the summer term as our new entrance space and our plan with TEFAT for some refurbishment of bathrooms is still on track – our 72-year-old listed building brings positives & challenges!

A reminder that Monday 1st May & Monday 8th May are Public Bank Holidays. Greenside will be closed on those days.

We also have 2 CPD Days: Friday 26th May and Friday 22nd June when Greenside will be closed to our students.

Finally on Wednesday 5th July at 6.00pm we will be ‘practically perfect’ as we perform Mary Poppins for our families!

If you have any questions about Greenside or would like to visit, please contact us and we will be in touch.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer term!