Welcome to Greenside



A new year begins – welcome 2021 and welcome to Greenside!

Monday 4th January 2021

We would like to wish all of our Greenside families, friends and visitors a very happy 2021 with lots of peace, hope and happiness and good health from all of our Greenside students and staff.

We hope you enjoyed a safe holiday break with some family joy even in such extraordinary circumstances.

Our 1st big hope for the new year is that everyone is keeping well, and we move rapidly to a post-Covid world so that we can all return to sharing our lives together.

Last term we had fun and enjoyed lots of learning through our Experiential Learning Model. With our learning on site and Home Learning our Greenside mantra ‘Learning is Everything & Everything is Learning’ has never been more apt or true.

As I write, on the morning of 4th January, we are about to embark on a new London ‘lockdown’. This is really hard news to hear and we are so disappointed. We understand the science behind the decision and will work tirelessly to support our students and their families over the coming weeks. We’ll try to ensure our Vulnerable students and Key Worker students are as safe as possible with us at Greenside and that the rest of our students have a great online Home Learning experience too. We will keep in touch with everyone but urge you to email with any questions, queries, thoughts or just to say ‘hello’ and we will, of course, update you regularly with plans as they change at this precarious time.

We will miss our students and families so much. Here’s to a positive future for everyone in the world.

We hope you all managed to view our end of term films. 

Our wonderful EYFS Nativity can be viewed on

We also shared our Colourful History Film Crew film on our Google Classrooms and our Christmas Songs from Greenside.

This week we will be releasing the Greenside version of Simon Armitage’s Hansel & Gretel (complete with songs and dance!) 

We love our films and hope you will too, but we can’t wait to invite a real-life audience back to share our events soon!

Our Staff return today – we were set for a CPD Day to launch our journey to being an Apple status academy building on our fab film, radio station and technological Greenside world. We love that the 2 sides of Greenside bring together Nature & Technology just as we bring together our World Ready & Test Ready approach to our learning. In the light of Covid the journey may be a little more meandering but we’ll get there soon!

It’s still the Year of Colour at Greenside! In our Autumn 1 STAR Days we celebrated films with colour as a key feature of the cinematography. In Autumn 2 we studied black and white films and now we will be adapting our plans slightly for Home Learning to explore colourful Art and asking Big Ideas & Questions wherever we are in the world. 

We’ll be embarking on another journey from January – this time towards each Greenside student Y1 – Y6 gaining a national arts award accreditation and our inspiration will begin with a section of a wonderful film Yume Dreams by Akira Kurosawa. This will lead us to Van Gogh with the idea that “he loved colour and he let it show” (Jonathan Richman). And there’s a rumour that even Kermit will be applying too!

To any prospective families we are so sorry we cannot currently invite you to visit. We do have a very ‘raw & spontaneous’ film we made last term in one take as we made a virtual tour of our lovely Greenside classes. It will definitely give you a flavour of our vision and culture:

To our current Greenside families – we wish you a safe and peaceful term ahead and hope we can share it with you all very soon. As always if we can help with anything at all please contact us and we will get back to you asap. Watch out for emails and text messages throughout the weeks ahead!

With very best wishes


Karen Bastick-Styles (Executive Head – Greenside & Griffin)