Welcome to Greenside


Welcome to Greenside!
  Autumn Term 2022

                           The Year of Magic, Mystery & Miracles – Creating a Magical World!

We would like to offer a big Greenside Film Factory welcome to the different members of our Greenside Community (or prospective people) who are reading our website!

Our title of ‘Film Factory’ describes us so beautifully these days. We learn through film, about films and we have students throughout the year groups who are talented film-makers. We are also creatively ensuring all of our students are both World Ready & Test Ready. They all have leadership roles and are working towards changing the world and making it a better place – creating a magical world of positivity – as far away from a factory line as possible!

Our SMSC sits at the heart of everything we do; kindness is our key value and we love spending time together as a Greenside Community. We work with and support the Arts Charity Good Chance and this allows us to make a difference to the lives of many.

We learn in a holistic way with our Breaking Boundaries Experiential Learning Model: giving our students opportunities to engage, articulate and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of their learning so that everything is linked and makes sense – no decontextualized learning at Greenside!

Each Thursday sees our students in mixed classes to enjoy their Film Crew Days – curating festivals, art and installation exhibitions and so much more! On Fridays we offer 6 short courses in such exciting areas as guitar, cooking for the Community, choir and Digital Learning.

We are proud to announce that 2022-2023 will be our Greenside Year of Magic, Mystery and Miracles!

With this incredibly exciting hook the Learning Experiences are limitless!

We shall begin with a screening of Martin Scorses’s magical and mysterious film Hugo.

Our autumn term Crews will explore Magical History and we’ll be devising & performing our own Greenside Magical Mystery Tour performing – inspired by Shakespeare & The Beatles it promises to be wonderful!

We have lots of very cool priorities for this academic year – from our KS2 Reading for Pleasure 100 Great Greenside Books, to our ArtsMark application, from our live Radio Broadcasts & podcasts to our innovative work using our Apple technology. We are becoming wonderful script writers and ‘Leaping into Mathematical Logic’. Music is one of the big focus areas for the year so the corridors will definitely be alive with the sound of music as we sing, play and enjoy so much music in so many different ways.

We are so proud of our Test results in 2022 – 85% of our Y6 class achieved the expected level matched in Reading, Writing & Maths (compared with the National Average of 59%).

We are aiming to do even better this academic year!

We are back in the Ofsted cycle this year and look forward to sharing the rich, diverse and positive stories of our students when the time arrives!

In other news, our Breakfast Club will be up and running again in September and our after school clubs & provision.

We look forward to another year of delicious vegetarian food for lunch (autumn term menu can be found on our website) and to our glorious garden being harvested for even more fresh produce to be cooked and eaten by our lucky Greenside students.

Finally all of our students will be given the challenge to share their skills, talents and knowledge as they participate in our Students as Teachers Programme – building their way through their badges of recognition to their viva and Green Badge!

Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn term at Greenside!


Karen Bastick-Styles (Executive Head – Greenside & Griffin)